"An ordinary family just like yours or mine.  Except they're Zombies."

MEET THE CADAVERS is a new, live-action comedy horror film set for release in 2015.

Written in the Summer of 2013 by Zion, the story is based around the Cadaver family.  A friendly bunch of Zombies whose image has been ruined by all those darn Hollywood movies.  They suffer prejudice as a result but try to just keep themselves to themselves and integrate into society; as much as society will allow.

Like most families with two teenagers, things can get chaotic.  However, the Cadavers are not a dysfunctional family.  In fact, they are a solid unit who stick together and play together - along with son Sidney's best mate, Barnaby.

This first movie sees them venture on the Great British activity of outdoor camping.  Unlike the rest of us, they cannot go in Summer due to their sensitive skin (dead skin is rather dry), so they go during the Autumn.  Luckily for them - or at least as it first appears - the campsite is hosting a Hallowe'en Fancy Dress Party.  Naturally, they go along.

What happens from this point on will be a surprise until the movie comes out.  Any more of revelations from the plot would ruin the story for you - and it is such a great story!

Think "The Munsters" or "The Addams Family" but with "The Inbetweeners" humour and you are part way toward understanding the comedy side of MEET THE CADAVERS.  As for the horror element, you'll just have to stay tuned to find out, won't you...?

Zion (October 2013)
Writer, Producer, Co-Director and Victor Cadaver

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Meet The Cadavers

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