February 2nd 2016
Well, today I have decided to do a Very Nice Thing. Back in 2014, when we were preparing to go to Cannes, I cut together a clip trailer from the raw footage. This untreated footage was never intended for public consumption but, in light of the massive, unexpected delays, I wanted to share it with you. My way of saying Thank You for being so patient!

So, if you can, please like, comment and share the trailer. Your support means a lot and you honestly will make the difference between this film being any kind of success and zilch!

View the trailer RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW

December 6th 2015
Wow, didn't realise how much I sucked at updates on this. Apologies for those that care! To make up for it, there will be a little surprise soon but, in the meantime...

MEET THE CADAVERS made this list of 10 British Zombie films waiting to be seen. I feel both proud and ashamed. Proud that we made this list and ashamed at the progress. Anyway, here is the full list

British Horror Revival Ten British Zombie Features We're Waiting To See

So, what's taking so long? Here is what I have learned in the process of making my first film.

1) Writing it was easy. Took 10 days and, if I do say-so myself, it is a nice, tidy script with a good story and great characters.

2) Organising the actual filming is a monumental task. If I were being paid to do it, it would never be enough. It is hard, hard, HARD.

3) Filming was also difficult - coping with uncooperative weather and the likes - but also a lot of fun. The most fun. Those were the days were I would go on forever, if it weren't for the fact that I am pretty sure there would have been mutiny and I would have found myself swinging from a tree.

4) When problems happen in filmmaking, they cause big problems. Almost immediately post-production (the bit that comes after the filming), we lost our editor. No fault of his or ours, just life stuff. This meant having to think again.

5) When life gives you lemons, you move to the opposite end of the country. After the awesome Cannes trip in 2014, life as we knew it came crashing about around our ears. Long story short, me and Vikki (partner, producer and Kelly Cadaver) moved a long, long way away. And then David (producer, director) also did a location shift. Even in this day and age of awesome communication tools, they aren't quite awesome enough to bridge the gaps.

6) Things don't always work out how you thought they would... This time last year, some stuff was being edited. The last post I was excited to see the first cut. Unfortunately, it wasn't even close to what I had in mind. They say a film is written three times: when you put pen to paper, when you shoot it and when you edit it. Alas, this last bit changed the film too much for me and, eventually, it was obvious things wouldn't work out as hoped.

7) Back to square one sucks major ball bags. It really does. I must admit, at this point going from an extreme high to massive low hit me hard. I wanted nothing to do with it for a while. Eventually though, you do dust yourself off and get on with shit. So the search for another editor was on.

That is where we are at right now. One of two things is going to happen from this point. Either way, the film will get completed in 2016. Hopefully, released as well, but I have learned not to look too far ahead. Looking around me at other indie filmmakers, this situation is not unique. When you don't have buckets of cash to throw at a project, things go s-l-o-w.

Thanks for all those that do care. Another update soon.

Zion x!

October 3rd 2014
All the movie files have been handed over to our esteemed editor, David Kenny, today.  He should knock this little film of ours ship-shape in no time!

September 24th 2014
Just when you think that you have life sorted, it throws various spanners in the works.  Rather unexpectidly, Vikki and I discovered that we had to find a new place to live so spent the next few months searching for a new home then organising our relocation.  I say relocation as we have shifted ourselves 400 miles north!  This has a knock on effect workwise and things slowed to a positive crawl on MTC.  Now I am settled though, I can start kicking butt again, so expect more frequent updates from now on.

August 16th 2014
It may be in French, but here is a new article on MTC.

July 5th 2014
After a long search, we have finally found the right person to complete the enormous edit job on MTC.  And I was staring at him right from the start as he is someone I've worked with in the past on various projects.  So, it gives me great delight to introduce DAVID KENNY to the post-production team.

July 5th 2014
Karl, AKA Barnaby, got a great Birthday cake.  The first of many MTC Birthday cakes, I'm sure!

May 29th 2014
Time runs away with you when you are at the world's best film festival... Read our report from Cannes right here!

April 26th 2014
Preparing stuff for Cannes next month; check out these promo cards featuring some exclusive screengrabs!

April 16th 2014
We have secured our composer!  There has been a lengthy audition process where various composers have put music to visuals whilst I whittled them down to just three.  Out of those three, JONATHON DEERING absolutely nailed it with his Danny Elfman / Tim Burton-esque composition which is the MEET THE CADAVERS THEME.  Listen to it RIGHT NOW!

April 15th 2014
We have had to sadly say goodbye to Matt Jones who was helping to edit MTC.  Other commitments have forced him away.  It's a bad-news/good-news thing though as it meant that I gave editing a go, putting together a 3 minute trailer and, what do you know, it seems I have the editing chops!  David (co-producer, co-director, co-editor) reckons I am more than up for the task and I do love a challenge...!  So we can re-commence putting our awesome movie together.  Read the blog here.

April 8th 2014
Have you seen this interview or this blog post yet?

April 6th 2014
"An Intimate Portrait Of A Jobbing Zombie Family" got added to IMDB today.  It is a short mockumentary we made whilst shooting MTC. 

March 19th 2014
As I continue the offline edit, I keep seeing more and more things I want to show you.  Therefore, more screen grabs have been added to the gallery!

March 19th 2014 did a very nice thing today.

March 11th 2014 is the latest to feature a great interview with MTC creator, Zion.  Click here to read.

March 6th 2014
The UKs largest Camping magazine - Camping Magazine - has run a feature on MTC in their April edition, on shelves in all good newsagents from today.  Click here to read.

March 5th 2014
Amazing interview with MTC creator, Zion, on the massive website - read it here.

March 4th 2014 has done a "Coming Soon" feature on MTC - read it here.

February 24th 2014
New blog up about day 3 of editing plus some new photos.

February 9th 2014
New blog up discussing the second day of editing.

February 3rd 2014
Some screen grabs have been added to the gallery.

January 29th 2014
New Diary page added to this website.  Check it regularly for your chance to meet some of us!

January 28th 2014
Even more behind-the-scenes photos have been uploaded.  Today is a good day - our flights to Cannes for the film festival have been booked!

January 26th 2014
New blog up discussing the first day of editing.

January 26th 2014
A whole new bunch of behind-the-scenes photos have been uploaded.

January 24th 2014
The UK's only magazine dedicated to camping - Camping Magazine - has got in touch to do a feature on Meet The Cadavers!  More on that coming soon.

January 22nd 2014
A historic day in the Cadaver Camp - the first day the entire editorial crew (me, David & Matt) got together to start viewing rushes.  The first 8 scenes were viewed and are now being edited together by David & Matt.  We expect to have an edit assembly of the full movie in 10 weeks!

January 15th 2014
Our co-editor has been hard at work synching the images to the sound so that we can start going through all the scenes, take-by-take to determine what stays, what goes and what might stick around for a bit longer.  This starts tomorrow!

January 8th 2014
Here it is, the feature article from TBFM magazine, taken from an interview Vikki and I did at the Hard Rock Hell festival back in December.  Click on the image to enlarge and read!

January 4th 2014
Happy New Year from the Cadaver Camp!  Bit of an update for you.  We are currently in the process of post-production, the first stage of which involves pairing all the audio recorded on set with all the visual shot on set.  As you can imagine, this is a long, laborious task that has been heroically assigned to camera operator / editing assistant Matt.  January 16th is the date set when me, David and Matt will start sitting through all the footage to decide what stays, what goes and what we keep hold of just in case we need a random shot just like that one!  In the meantime, the TBFM mag is now out featuring an article on MTC - grab your copy from all good venues or right here

December 17th 2013
Blog posts for the last two days of shooting are online now.

December 17th 2013
Now this is cool - our first magazine cover!  The next edition of TBFM mag (available in all good music venues from January 2014) has done a feature on MTC based around the interview me and Vikki gave them at the Hard Rock Hell festival.  Best of all though, they stuck it on the cover!

December 15th 2013
It's a wrap!  Principal photography is done, we now begin the lengthy task of going through all the footage and editing.  Blog coming soon...

December 11th 2013
Quick interview with me and Vikki on - we start the Cadaver Chat about 5 mins in.  New bit of merch too, keyring/bottle openers, just in time for the Christmas festivities!

December 7th 2013
One of the movie extras is also a Forumla 6 driver and he kindly stuck our movie logo on his racing car!  Many thanks to Nicholas Taig for the image and for doing it.

December 4th 2013
Two more bits of press today.  First up, an interview me and Vikki did for at the recent Hard Rock Hell festival (where our band, SPiT LiKE THiS were playing); next up, the local paper The Crawley News did a nice feature on the film and one of it's locations [digital version].

December 3rd 2013
Couple of online bits about MTC - the first one is an interview with co-director David VG Davies on UK Horror Scene; the other is a small article on  Here is a Greek website giving it a mention, along with EGL Mag.

December 2nd 2013
Some more behind-the-scenes photos have been added

November 20th 2013
Want to see some behind-the-scenes photos?  Then go here.

November 19th 2013
New blog post up by me.

November 14th 2013
New blog post up by me.

November 14th 2013
Here is a photo of the WSCC article.

November 7th 2013
New blog posts up by me (Zion) and Karl Smith, AKA Barnaby!

November 1st 2013
We hit the West Sussex County Times newspapers today.  A nice half-page about our little movie.  You can read the online version of it here.

October 31st 2013
It is Hallowe'en so what better day to release the very FIRST official Cadaver photo direct from the first day of shooting.  Click here to view in all it's creepy glory!

October 29th 2013
Do you want a FREE "Meet The Cadavers" poster, massive A2 size?  Just send 1.50 (to cover postage & packing charges) via PayPal to - don't forget your address! (outside the UK, send 3.50)

October 28th 2013
Back from London Expo (where we were promoting MTC to anyone and everyone) with some GREAT news.  They have asked us to preview the trailer for the movie at May's event - the biggest in the UK with over 100,000 attendees!

October 23rd 2013
First ever interview for MEET THE CADAVERS happened today.  Many thanks to Simon Robb at the West Sussex County Times for getting the press ball rolling!

October 19th 2013
After months of pre-production, auditions and even a few rehearsals, MEET THE CADAVERS starts filming.

October 5th 2013
We finally find MYRTLE CADAVER in the shape of actress Chloe Powell.

1st October 2013
Legendary Heavy Metal DJ Krusher takes on the part of FELIX.

September 21st 2013
Actor Karl Smith gets chosen for the role of BARNABY.

September 16th 2013
Jack Adams signs on to play SIDNEY CADAVER.

September 15th 2013
The first major cast memeber, Esme Brand, is cast in the role of TRACY.

August 19th 2013
The first round of casting calls goes out and the applications start flooding in.

August 18th 2013
MEET THE CADAVERS officially goes into Pre-Production and goes live on IMDB.

August 13th 2013
David says yes!

August 12th 2013
Zion invites director David VG Davies to come on board.

June 25th 2013
Zion finishes the first draft of MEET THE CADAVERS.  Rather cunningly he has written himself and partner Vikki the starring roles of VICTOR CADAVER and KELLY CADAVER.

June 15th 2013
Zion starts writing MEET THE CADAVERS.


Meet The Cadavers

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