Didn't you know that Zombies drive a Morris Minor?
Quick photo of some footage. I cannot even begin to tell you what this is about!
Viewing rushes in the studio. On set getting ready to shoot.
Viewing the monitor. Trying to get stuff done in between the rain.
Erecting a gazebo to shelter us from the rain. At Blacklands Farm.
Lucy, Vikki and Dugg. Matt & David.
Zion & David on location. Matt (camera operator).
Sonia, Marc and Dodie. David envisaging a shot.
Two directors discussing the next scene. David, Zion (me) and Matt discussing the next scene.
Preparing for the next take. Karl (Barnaby) and Jack (Sid) on set.
Between takes. Checking footage.
En route to the next set-up. Crew en route to the same place!
Fixing a shot. Between takes.
Sid and Karl.  One is in character, one is not. Lucy sticking make-up in Chloe's ear.
My co-directing cohort, David. Skully!
Yes, it is a shark. "They went that way".
Karl.  Nope, me neither. Craig (DP; also took these pics) and Lucy.
David wondering what the orange thing is. Me wondering why I'm not wet.
Clapper loader, Dodie. Rock hunting went well.
Getting mic'd. "Oooh, matron!"
Fixing mic pack. Testing VFX.
Vikki and me on location. Dugg drying Chloe's face!
Make-up test on Esme (Tracy). Don't have a cow, man.
Nick (Sound) Craig defying gravity.
David fixing my mic pack.  Honest. Dodie Clapper Loading.
Matt checking stuff. No drugs were used during the making of this film.
Nick and the Dead Cat. Getting ready to shoot.
Jack in make-up. Don't forget the hands!
Esme and Chloe keeping warm. Karl keeping stupid.
Esme is a teeny bit mad. Karl is a teeny bit cool.
Did we mention it was windy? Looking for my piece of mind.
Discussing the next shot. Hide n' Seek.
Shot prep. Vikki relaxing.
Our location for the day. Location prepping.  "Need more wood".
Fandabidozie! Lucy doing her Cobra look.
Nick fixing Chloe's sound. Grrr, I'm a zombie...
Get a new pose, Jack! Watching me, watching you.  Aha!
And... action! Smoking a fag.
Shot rehearsal. Make-up done.  Zombiefied!
Pissing about. I dare to think what Marc showed Zara and Vikki.
Night time shoots. Nick is hogging all the photos!
Stay asleep! Lighting the next shot.
Matt & Nick. They can't get away!
Donny, 2nd camera. Crew on location.
Same to you! Matt, Dodie, Sonia.
Gangsters, innit. Only 4 takes?  Skill!
Down and dirty. Mid make-up.

 Krusher getting made up by Dugg.

Me at the beginning of my transformation.



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